Are Bones Safe For My Dog?

August 5, 2020

Author: MVAdmin

“Give a dog a bone” – a common saying worldwide, but in reality, this is a controversial topic for vets as well as owners.

While Google searches and social media may advocate for bone consumption (nutritional and dental benefits) and many dogs enjoy bones, there are still a small percentage of dogs that will suffer from serious injuries.

Risks of handling bones

Regardless of bone size and thickness, raw, frozen, or cooked bones may cause obstructions in the digestive system or oesophagus (food pipe), choking, broken teeth and constipation.

A long-standing patient at our clinic recently passed away after eating a raw bone, which caused intestinal obstruction and perforation.

We would like all our clients to be aware of the possible risks involved in feeding bones to avoid a potential tragedy happening again.

Look for bone alternatives

There are many alternatives instead of bones that you can use to look after your dog’s teeth and prevent dental disease in the long-term. These include:

  • Bully sticks
  • Greenies or OraVet dental chews
  • Pig ears or pig snouts

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