We understand that the current situation with COVID-19 is very distressing especially because of its unknown nature. According to the latest research from the World Health Organisation there is no evidence that animals such as dogs and cats can be a source of infection of COVID-19 or become unwell from the disease.

As always, we recommend that you practice good hygiene when interacting with your pet such as thorough hand washing with soap and water after handling your pet and avoiding sharing food with them or letting them lick your face.  We will continue to monitor the advice provided by the leading animal health authorities and update our recommendations accordingly.

After a complete renovation, we are currently open and working around the clock to care for you and your pets.  The health and well-being of our staff and clients has never been more important and we have put into place systems that will provide a safe environment for you, our staff and the wider community.  And in no way will that compromise the level of veterinary service and care for your pets.

This virus is teaching everyone around the world that we all have our part to play in its eradication, so this means some minor inconveniences as we aim to look after each other. We are monitoring the situation daily and will adjust how we operate accordingly.

Currently, we are open with our usual business hours with a change in working practices.  To try and minimise the chance of spread of COVID-19 among our pet owners or staff we have reviewed our health and hygiene standards and introduced additional measures on top of our usual high level hygiene practices.

There are several areas we are asking for you to work with us to help protect you, our staff, and the wider community. In all instances, please call us if you need help on 1300 MAT VET (1300 628 838)

  • We ask that you limit the number of people attending a consultation with your pet to one.  Let us know in advance with a phone call if this is not a viable option and we will make suitable arrangements to help accommodate by reserving you a time or space within our clinic


  • If you have cold and flu symptoms, or are self-isolating, we ask that you delay your consultation until the period of self-isolation is complete, however If the matter is urgent please don’t hesitate to call us on 1300 MAT VET for free advice on how best to proceed with your concerns

Where possible we are aiming to reduce face to face contact time, and we are putting the following measures in place such as;


  • To assist with flattening the infection curve, we may obtain a current symptom history from you over the phone then do the clinical examination in the hospital away from you only with your consent


  • When waiting room area is at maximum level, (2 Patients), overflow waiting will be directed to one of our cleaned consult rooms or you might be given a number and asked to wait in your car in our onsite carpark (that accommodates 14 cars all in properly marked spaces). One of our staff will come and escort you in when it’s your turn


  • Many businesses are limiting the handling of cash transactions. We accept most cards but if you only have cash as a means of payment please don’t worry. Simply let us know prior to payment so we can apply the best practice to handle it safely together


  • We are also considering the option of tele-medicine consultations for those suitable cases especially those that may require regular rechecks.  Please speak to us about this if you are interested


  • Please bring your own pen with you to complete any forms etc