How to Choose The Right Veterinary Surgery For Your Fur Child

March 10, 2022

Author: Mark Ehrman

How to Choose The Right Veterinary Surgery For Your Fur Child

Your pet is incredibly important to you. From the moment you adopted this animal into your life, you recognised how vital it was to not only love it but take care of it, too. One of the ways to provide the best care for your pet is understanding how to find the right veterinary surgery for them. This surgery will be your go-to in a time of need, and it needs to be suited to you, your family, and your pet.

Choosing the right veterinary surgery is no easy task. There are a lot of considerations to make, like cost, experience, location, and equipment, to just name a few. We can understand how this decision might cause pet owners to become overwhelmed. However, we hope that this blog will help, as it will outline how to choose the right veterinary surgery for your fur child.

This blog is brought to you by Matraville Veterinary Practice. At Matraville Veterinary Practice we are proud to have the opportunity to keep these services available to the local community. We have a newly renovated hospital with a dedicated team of highly experienced vets and nurses that love to work together. “The local vets who know your pets”. At Matraville Veterinary Practice, we aim to provide excellent veterinary care for any animal patient we see while still treating them with sensitivity and compassion.

Ask For Referrals

Before we get into the main part of the blog, we obviously want to highlight this process, too. Asking for referrals from your friends and family as to what surgery they go to for their pet is a great way to narrow down your selection. They will likely have found a pet surgery that works for them, their standards, and their life, and will happily recommend this to you. However, while their ideas might be great, it’s also important to understand that what works for your friends, family, and pets might not work for you. Your lifestyle and pet are totally different, and there are a number of factors that you might need to consider when deciding what veterinary surgery to sign up with.

Consider the Experience of the Veterinary Surgery

Consider the Experience of the Veterinary Surgery

With veterinary practices, experience matters. How long the surgery that you are looking at becoming a client with has been in business is important. It demonstrates how well they have successfully looked at other animals, how trusted their business is, and how many different families they have served.

We’d argue that this is one of the most important considerations when it comes to your veterinary surgery choice. With a really experienced practice, you know that you can rely on them for the right care for your pet, as well as be assured in the fact that they will be in loving, safe hands the whole time they’re at the practice. You can also be assured that the vet will have a better experience at giving accurate diagnoses, as well as lower risk surgical procedures for your pet. This is because they will have had the necessary practise at doing so.

At Matraville Veterinary Practice, we have been in business since 1994. We are proud to have served both the local community and those further afield, as people venture to our dedicated practice for experienced healthcare for their pets.

Assess The Equipment of the Hospital

Of course, the equipment at the veterinary surgery is important. As good as the staff may be in a veterinary hospital, the overall quality of care will suffer if the equipment isn’t up to standard. If you’re visiting or having a tour of a practice, be sure to ask about the equipment in use at the site. This will help you understand whether you can trust the practice to take the best and highest quality care of your pet when you need them to.

When looking around the practice you are considering partnering with, make sure to check its hygiene standards. The facility should be clean, with sufficient space so that the animals are not cramped in. Be sure to ask questions to the staff to work out if everyone working there is truly an animal lover with your pet’s best interests at heart. These are all important considerations when deciding if a veterinary hospital is right for you.

The Matraville Veterinary Practice team is very proud to be able to offer high-quality veterinary care from our brand new facility. We invite you to call in and see our new hospital and the wide range of services we are able to perform in-house. Our vets and nurses are animal lovers themselves and are part of the local pet-loving community. In short, we are the local vets who know your pets.

Look at the Cost

Look at the Cost

Cost is an important factor. While we would all love to provide our pets with the highest quality care in the world, in some instances, it’s simply out of our budget. Pet care can be expensive: even just the day to day costs can add up, with food, toys, hygiene equipment, and more all needing to be purchased regularly. However, there is a huge difference between these costs and the costs of a stay at a veterinary clinic. While your pet will have insurance, paying out of pocket for these costs before putting it through insurance can be daunting. Therefore, it’s important to ask your surgeries that you are considering what the costs of services are. Be honest with yourself as to whether affording this clinic is something that you can do with your budget. There will be the right veterinary clinic for you and your family out there, it’s just important that you find the right one.

At Matraville Veterinary Clinic, we aim to be as transparent as possible with you in any costs for your pet. For example, in a consultation, your veterinarian may provide a price range for a treatment plan. This is especially the case where an immediate diagnosis cannot be determined and investigation or testing is required. Charges are incurred based on the care received and the treatment undertaken, not based on the condition. Our veterinarians will always keep you updated with any costs needed for your pet.

Where is the Location of the Clinic?

Location matters! A lot of the time (thankfully) a trip to the vet won’t be an emergency. So, if you can afford the time to travel, then that is great! But, in the case of an emergency, travelling an hour or so to your vet might be stressful for both you and the animal. So, we recommend assessing as to whether there is a veterinary clinic close to your home, or if you’d rather travel for the best care possible. It’s all up to your family and your lifestyle.

Work Out What Services They Offer

Work Out What Services They Offer

It would be great if your veterinary clinic did plenty of your services for you. Finding a vet clinic that is able to provide a huge range of services can help your pet, particularly if they are nervous or anxious about being in a different environment from home.

Matraville Veterinary Clinic does offer a range of services other than a general veterinary practice. For example, we have puppy training, pet boarding, and grooming to just name a few! We’d love to see your pet for any one of our specialised services.

Choosing the right veterinary surgery for your family is a tough decision. It’s where you’ll go for not only the checkups and necessary appointments, but also for the hard times, too. You want to be able to trust and rely on your chosen clinic. Therefore, it’s important that you do your research ahead of time and find one that suits you and your family. Assess what is important to you in terms of cost and location, and try and find a clinic with the best staff and equipment, too.

Got a question?

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