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About Matraville Vet

A large team of caring & experienced vets


Working in the Matraville area since 1994. There has been a vet at 525 Bunnerong Road for as long as people can remember. The site is synonymous with veterinary health care services in Matraville.

Over the months of February and March 2020, 525 Bunnerong Road underwent major renovations. The car park and clinic have been dramatically transformed into a modern, welcoming environment for both clients and their furry friends alike.

The Matraville Veterinary Practice team is very proud to be able to offer high quality veterinary care from this new facility. We invite you to call in and see our new hospital and the wide range of services we are able to perform in-house.

Our vets and nurses are animal lovers themselves and are part of the local pet loving community.

We are the local vets who know your pets.


The best services for your pets

General Health Care

For your furry friends’ annual or six monthly check up we will perform a thorough physical examination.


Vaccinations protect your pet from many common conditions that can be detrimental to their health and wellbeing.

Blood Analysis

At Matraville Veterinary Practice we have a well set up in-house laboratory with the most up to date equipment for performing blood testing.

X-Rays & Ultrasound

Our on-site testing facilities mean that we can quickly check your pet for trauma, pregnancy and other conditions. Fast results mean we can advise you on diagnosis and swiftly commence treatment where necessary.

Meet our Vets

Dr Karen Harkin

Senior Veterinarian & Superintendent

Dr Christianne Gilbert

Senior Veterinarian

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