Pet Boarding Services

Why use a professional boarding service for your pet?


Pet boarding is a great option for busy pet parents. Whether you are planning to go on holiday or have to travel for work, experienced pet experts are here to offer the best possible care to your furry friend or friends while you are away.

Key benefits of boarding

All animals are kept under close supervision. Therefore, your furry friend will remain safe in a secure environment where they won’t be injured or wander off and get lost.

Our staff love animals. We offer all of our boarding cats and dogs a caring and stress free environment.

Our well-trained staff can offer medical attention if needed. We can cater for special needs. If your pet is on medication or follows a strict diet, we will ensure their regime is maintained. All our boarding animals are monitored closely with charting of food and water intake and toileting recorded twice daily. Any concerns are immediately reported to the veterinarian on duty.


boarding service for dogs
boarding service for cats

Our pet boarding facilities

We offer general boarding and kennelling services involving feeding (food and water), exercising, socialisation and supervision.

Our dog kennels: We provide generous sized runs that can house dogs individually or can be shared between dogs from the same family. We have an outdoor exercise area and our staff ensure that our dog boarders spend as much time as possible out of their kennels.

Our cat boarding area: It is located away from the dog boarding area and our hospital patients so our cat boarders can be as relaxed as possible. We use Feliway, a pheromone product that assists in reducing stress and fear.

Food, bedding and all other requirements are provided by us, there is no need to bring anything along unless your pet has special dietary needs or has a favourite toy, etc.