Puppy & dog daycare

Why use a daycare service for your dog?


Our puppies and dogs are lovely social animals that thrive in the company of humans and other doggy friends. When left alone at home while you have to work they may feel anxious and lonely. A daycare service provides them with a social and stress-free environment giving you peace of mind while you get on with your day.

Key benefits


Socialisation. Our daycare is also home for many other dogs and puppies whom your pet can safely interact and play with all day. You’ll bring home a happy and revitalised pooch.

Mental health. Leaving your dog alone at home can cause them to feel bored and stressed. A few days a week spent at daycare breaks up their routine and keeps their mental health in check.

Exercise. Even though playing with pals all day already demands a lot of physical effort, your dog or puppy may also have some outdoor time in the backyard under strict supervision for more exercising.

Safety. Some dogs may experience anxiety when left alone leading them to develop disruptive behaviours. A daycare service will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your furry friend is supervised by trained experts.

What happens at daycare?

A fun day at daycare looks like:

  • Food and water.
  • Safe play through games and activities. 
  • Supervised interactions with other furry friends.
  • Love and cuddles.