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Masayo Anlezark – Dog Groomer


masayo anlezark – dog groome

Masayo Anlezark has lived in Australia since 2000. She was a hairdresser in Japan and became a dog groomer here in Australia. She loves working with animals and has been working at Matraville Vet Practice since 2017. Masayo always appreciates the kindness shown to her by all the staff at Matraville Veterinary Practice.

Masayo is endlessly patient with her furry clients and her calm and gentle nature definitely has an effect on the dogs in her care.

Our furry friends may take care of their fur naturally but it’s a pet owners responsibility to help them maintain a healthy coat. Brushing their fur regularly allows you to enjoy each other’s company while giving you the opportunity to check your friend’s coat for parasites, bumps, scratches and skin issues.

We are able to offer a range of grooming options from simple short clips to breed specific grooming styles. Our groomer is also able to perform scissor trims and extensive brush outs for owners that would prefer to retain their dog’s natural coat in good condition.

grooming for dogs
grooming care with full bath for dogs

All animals that come to our hospital for grooming also receive a full bath with shampooing and conditioning, brushing of coat, nail clipping and where required, other services such as ear cleaning or anal gland expressing at no additional charge.

Our nurses are able to perform baths and brushing of coat for pets that do not require a full haircut. This service also includes nail clipping, ear cleaning and anal gland expression as required, also at no additional charge.

We are also able to clip cats; this is performed by our experienced veterinary nurses. It is a condition that all cats be sedated for clipping because as you can imagine most cats do not enjoy this process!

Please feel free to contact us on 1300 MAT VET to discuss your grooming options and get an estimate of cost.