Why Do Dogs Eat Grass?

February 22, 2021

Author: MVAdmin

It might be strange to see your dog eating grass, but it’s a natural part of dog behaviour. Some dogs will do it more than others, and some dogs are picky about the type of grass they eat (it could be a flavour preference!)

Grass is something that all dogs need. In fact, the RSPCA recommends that all dogs need to have access to clean grass – that is, grass that hasn’t been treated with any chemicals or pesticides.

If your dog eats grass infrequently it’s not a huge cause for concern, but it could be an indicator of an underlying issue. Here are some of the reasons dogs eat grass, and what it might mean for your pup.

They like it!

Whether it’s taste or texture, some dogs just love to seek out their favourite foods to eat and chew. Some dogs simply enjoy eating grass!

While eating grass isn’t harmful to your dog’s health, make sure the grass they’re eating hasn’t been treated with anything nasty that could make them seriously ill. Whether it’s pesticides or chemicals on grass near your home or in parks and on public property, it’s best to encourage your dog away from grass you’re not sure about. It’s also best to make sure your dog doesn’t eat grass clippings, due to residue that might be on the grass from your mower and other detritus that might be in there.

They’re hungry

Your dog might be eating grass to make their stomachs feel a little fuller. If they’re eating grass before or after they eat their regular food, or if they look undernourished, it could be an indication that they’re not getting enough nutritious food in their diet.

For digestion

Humans need a diet rich in vegetables for a variety of reasons – and one of those is fibre. Dogs eat grass as a way of getting more fibre in their diet. It keeps their bowel movements regular and helps to clean out their gut. If your dog is relying on grass to give them fibre, it may be worth revisiting the nutritional quality of the food they eat.

Speak to one of our vets to discuss whether a change in food is needed, or if fibre supplements would be the best solution for your pup. A quick change in diet, or some added roughage to their existing food, might just be the thing your dog needs to stop eating grass every day.

Because they need to vomit

Grass can cause your dog to bring up food or settle any discomfort they may have in their stomach. It’s a clever way for your pup to look after themselves when they’re not feeling 100%. If your pup is vomiting a lot, it’s a sign of something more serious and they should be seen immediately by a vet.

Something to do

Boredom can be displayed in many ways for a dog, and one of those is eating grass. Fortunately, solving boredom is easy! Ensure your pup has enough toys, as well as mental and physical stimulation, and they’ll turn to more enjoyable behaviours than eating grass.

If you’re worried about your dog eating grass – don’t panic! Give our friendly team a call.

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