Why You Need To Immediately Book Your Furchild In Puppy Training School

February 21, 2022

Author: MVAdmin

Planning on getting a puppy? Congratulations! Puppies make an exciting and wonderful addition to any family, growing into loyal and loving companions that bring joy for years to come.

But before you rush off and grab the essentials, such as water bowls, bedding and treats – there’s one other very important thing you need to do fast.

Book. Your. Puppy. Into. Training. School.

Dogs aren’t born well-behaved and obedient. They learn good, positive behaviours and habits through training, repetition and positive reinforcement. But even more importantly, they need to learn how to socialise and adapt to new situations in a setting that is safe and rewarding.

Here’s why you need to book your pup into a Puppy Training School as soon as possible.

Puppy Training School is a non-negotiable, vital part of your puppy’s development

Puppies have a crucial development stage between the ages of 8-16 weeks. During this time, your puppy’s brain is most receptive to learning new things.

If your puppy does not receive the training and support they need during this time, it is very easy for behavioural problems to develop that could take years to unlearn.

This important time in their development is where puppies learn how to behave in new environments, including how to interact safely with other dogs and how feel confident and relaxed in different circumstances.

This makes Puppy Training School critical for your pup’s wellbeing – because it is a supported, controlled environment where you and your pup get to explore their quirky personality, and create safe and rewarding boundaries for them to take into their adult life.

Book your puppy a space at your local Puppy Training School so they are able to attend within the first week of their arrival at home. You have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Behaviours aren’t easy to change once they’re set

Anyone who has trained or looked after an adult rescue dog knows how tricky it can be to undo years of bad habits and behaviour. It’s one of the many reasons why so many puppies and dogs are abandoned at shelters and pounds, because it can take a lot of patience and care to change an adult dog with poor social skills into a well-adjusted and confident furry companion.

Even if your pup looks confident and comfortable in different situations at an early age, that’s not enough to guarantee they’ll develop into a happy and relaxed adult dog. Behaviours that stem from inadequate socialisation don’t usually show until a puppy has reached five to six months of age, and by then, it becomes much harder to fix.

Puppy Training School saves long-term frustration, hassle (and for some dogs, hopefully abandonment) by ensuring your puppy gets the behavioural support they need at the time they need it most.

Rely on experts – there’s a reason they run Puppy Training Schools

Dog training practices are constantly being updated, as new studies, information and behavioural expertise evolve around the world. In fact, they call it behavioural science for a reason! This means anytime new research is published about puppy behaviour, Puppy School Trainers are the first to up-skill themselves to work with dogs using this revised information.

You can rest assured that by sending your puppy to Puppy Training School that your sweet furry companion is in good, capable hands.

Looking for a good Puppy Training School? Speak to our friendly team of experts at Matraville Veterinary Practice – we’re here to help.

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