Puppy School

Puppy Training Classes


We love our partnership with the highly experienced and qualified trainer Alicia Bray, from Power Paws Pet Care.

Alicia will help new puppy owners learn how to communicate, socialise and create a strong bond between the family and their puppy.

certificate dogs behaviour and training

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Fine Print

The full course fee is payable at the first class (cash, credit card, bank transfer) and is non-refundable.
Puppies must be 14 weeks old or younger at the first class and have proof of current vaccination status.

Note: puppies do NOT have to have completed their full vaccination course to participate in the class, see links at top of the page for further details. We encourage owners to complete their second vaccination on or before the class start date.

Dogs Per Class:

Minimum 3, Maximum 6


1 hour/week for 4 weeks


Puppies must be 7 days past their first vaccination (usually done at the breeders) to start class.

What age do puppies go to puppy school?

We recommended that you enrol your puppy in our puppy training course when he or she is between 8 and 15 weeks old. If your pooch is older than 16 weeks and has never been to puppy school, you still can enrol in dog training classes. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Training for dogs

Why join our puppy school?



Your puppy will learn how to socialise with humans and other puppies of the same age in a safe and playful environment.



We are personable and enthusiastic. Whilst answering all those puppy questions, we will encourage you to increase your dog skills and knowledge. If needed, we can offer one on one support outside puppy class.


Our training classes rely on using a reward-based method which helps teach puppy parents:

  • How to develop a solid, trusting relationship
  • How to reinforce good puppy manners, polite greetings and social skills
  • To support puppies mentally, emotionally and physically
  • How puppies communicate, and how to read their body language
Training for cats

Your puppy will also learn fundamental skills such as:

  •  Sit
  • Come when called
  • Down
  • Tricks
  • Leave

Topics discussed in class:

  • Puppy biting, chewing
  • Toileting
  • Jumping
  • Crying
  • Digging
  • Barking

To book your puppy into classes please contact Matraville Veterinary Practice

Email: powerpawspetcare@gmail.com

Phone: 0449 670 704

Once you are booked in you will be emailed details about what to bring to the classes and the details of your puppy course.

We look forward to meeting you and your adorable puppy. We will help you through this wonderful and sometimes challenging stage of puppyhood.